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Produced by Avery Houle

Bacchus Theater

Friday, October 15th — 7:30 PM
Saturday, October 16th  — 7:30 PM

Tickets at the door

Such a Scary Tuesday (written and directed by Jessica Smith)
SASTpocalypse (by Ali Kennedy, directed by Kyra Melizanis & Michelle Barth)
To Be Left Behind (by Zoe Lipkin, directed by Gianna Sacca)
Standoff (by Gabe White & John Demko, directed by Gabe White)
Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT! (by Harper Caporale, directed by Emily Killian)

SAST XX Poster
Production Staff

Production Manager: Avery Houle
Stage Manager: Annie Hicks
Assistant Stage Manager: Gianna Sacca
Publicity: Hannah Grube and Sophia Johnson
Props: Chris Credden
Lighting: Alison Fantom and Evan Lewis
Sound Design: Bansari Patel and Cate Dawson
House Design: Amanda Kovaleski

Such a Scary Tuesday
Skylar: Jayden Lesko
Kasey: Pat O’Neill
Dyven: Joanna Crisomia
Dana: Kaitlyn Baelis
Sasha: Sharvari Apte
Kai: Abigail Merritt

Ash: Gabe White
Tony: Amire Collins
Stephanie: Nicole Schwartzberg
Jess: Frances Hill
Charlie: Jayden Lesko
Stranger: SD Weldin

To Be Left Behind
Philosopher: John Demko
TikToker: Jayden Lesko
Theatre Kid: Nicole Schwartzberg
Karen: Elizabeth Dawson 

Jolene: Abigail Merritt
Sarah: Harper Caporale 
Eileen: Pat O'Neill
Dick: Amire Collins
Abby: Anna Reynolds

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!
Jane: Anna Reynolds
Sam: Priyanka Chaudhuri
Hubert: Pat O’Neill
Sally: Frances Hill
Tina: Kyra Melizanis
Ryan: Eric Brengel
Announcer: John Demko

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