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SAST and Furious

Produced by Avery Houle

Bacchus Theater

Friday, October 14th — 7:30PM
Saturday, October 15th — 7:30 PM

Tickets at the door

Shamlet (written and directed by Abigail McGraw)
Deadlines and Other Things (by Alexis Kennedy, directed by Grace Schacterle)
Witch Detective (by Harper Caporale, directed by Donovan Messer)
Little Coffee Shop Of Horrors (written and directed by Ryan van Hilst)
Fanny Pack, High Heels, Phone, & SUGAR! (written and directed by Avery Houle)
Macterrible (written and directed by Jess Smith)

SAST XX Poster
Production Staff

Production Manager: Avery Houle
Stage Manager: Ava West
Assistant Stage Managers: Tess Edwards & Jacob McCleary
Technical Director: John Demko
Publicity: Jessica Smith
Lighting: Alenoush Davis
Sound Design: Kate Dawson & Bansari Patel
Makeup: Grace Schacterle
House Design: Griffin Martinez, Gianna Sacca

Hamlet: Harper Caporale
King: Griffin Martinez
Claudius: Naomi Gayner
Queen Gertrude: Steph Gilston
Horatio: Donovan Messer
Laertes: Hannah Grube

Deadlines and Other Things
Natalie: Lauren Fogle
Jake: Amire Collins
Savannah: Olivia Disant
Mark: Kedi Gumus
Cheryl: Harper Caporale

Witch Detective
Charles: Collin Davidson
Rosemary: Natalie Bauder
Darwin: Abigail McGraw
Edith/The Witch: Anna Reynolds
Theodore: Patrick Williams
Townsperson: Naomi Gayner

Little Coffee Shop Of Horrors
Audrey: Hannah Grube
Simone: Naomi Gayner
Bailey: Nicole Cozzolino
Sam: Jess Smith

Fanny Pack, High Heels, Phone, & SUGAR!
Dad: Owen Bubczyk
Mom: Steph Gilston
Art: Avery Bell
Charlie: Jayden Lesko
Ride Operator/Arcade Worker: Gabriel Fennemore

Director: Patrick Williams
Actor 1: Gabriel Fennemore
Actor 2: Alyssa Mulhall
Actor 3: Amire Collins

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