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SAST XIV: Love and DiSASTer

Produced by Melissa Glazar

Bacchus Theater

Thursday, November 2nd at 7:30pm
Friday, November 3rd at 7:30pm
Saturday, November 4th at 7:30pm

Tickets at the door

The Fraud Couple (written and directed by Kyle Moore)
The Bloomsberg Brothers (by Jessica Selle, directed by Jeremy Buchsbaum)
Bad Beehavior (by Nina Groom, directed by Paul Tudan)
I Don't Mind That You're Ugly (directed by Grayson Ziegler)
Small Talk (by Madeline Stabler-Buiano, directed by Patrick O'Beirne)

SAST XX Poster
Production Staff

Production Manager - Melissa Glazar
Stage Manager - Nicole Ferry
Technical Director - Miguel Barajas
Properties Master - Halim Hamroun
Costume Designer - Emily Mongold
Sound Designer - Mike Mizikar
Assistant Sound Designer - Sarah Malanka
Publicity Design - Nina Groom
Publicity Distribution - Rachel Millberg

The Fraud Couple
Luke: Nehuen Aon Cortussa
Dylan: Halim Hamroun
Kelsey: Ari August
Candice: Amanda Lashenick
Gabe: Jake Steltz

The Bloomsberg Brothers
Theo: Mark McGuire
Lenny: Brad Leifheit
Mitch: Silas Wheedleton
Christine: Olivia Quinci
Adam: Halim Hamroun

Bad Beehavior
Veronica: Raygan Boyd
Shelby: Brooke Feuerman
Bernadette: Maddie Hayes
Sebastian: Jeff Kappers
Tony: Joy Kitson
Dudley: Robby Hanna
Queen: Siggi Schorr

I Don't Mind That You're Ugly
Clyde: Kevin Johnson
Kira: Molly Warndorf
Marjorie: Lauren Williams
Gretchen: Lauren Goldenberg
Chip: Robby Hanna
Manny: Dominic Gallo
Chef Scarpaccio: Liz Albera
Alexandra: Rachel Silver
Grammy Josephine: Abby Lamdan

Small Talk (winner of script-writing competition)
Sara: Caitlin Rulli
David: Brad Leifheit
Haley: Anna O’Brien

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