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SAST XVII: Suddenly, SAST Summer

Produced by Caroline Berger and Heidi Fliegelman

Bacchus Theater

Friday, October 23rd at 7:30pm
Saturday, October 24th at 7:30 pm

Tickets at the door

Jake and Jenna (by Nushi Mazumdar, directed by Rebecca Holloman)
Big News (written and directed by Heidi Fliegelman)
The Invitation (written and directed by Caroline Berger)
Are We There Yet? (written and directed by Tess Edwards & Mackenzie Windsor)
Merely Departed (by Ari Kantor, directed by Frankie Scapoli)
CLUB DANCE! (by Jules Lowman, directed by Michael Anderson)

SAST XX Poster
Production Staff

Production Managers: Caroline Berger & Heidi Fliegelman
Publicity: Melissa Braun & Abby Badro

Big News
Jane: Kayla Grant
Maureen: Katie Lunny
Deb: Lee Conderacci
Waitress: Abigail McGraw
Tom: Eric Brengel

Jake & Jenna
Jake: Neil Baker
Jenna: Rosemary Camilo
Amy: Gianna Sacca
Mom: Melissa Braun
Brittany: Brianna Hadley

Are We There Yet?
Bill: Patrick O'Neill
Karen: Ari August
Kimberly: Maddy Thompson
Jeremy: John Demko
Jack (Of All Trades): Hannah Grube

Club Dance!
Heinrich: Michael Yacucci
Vicki: Michelle Lieberman
Ralph: Avery Houle
Sandra: Nicole Schwartzberg

The Invitation
Kate Murphy: Nora Dowdell
Maggie Herbert: Anna Reynolds
Casey Everett: Paris McConnell
Emily Brown: Rachel Pragman
Isabelle Weiss: Lindsay Johnston
The Voice/Mrs. Watson: Jahzielle Edillon

Merely Departed
Peyton: Mikey Malaszczyk
Blaine: Kirby Smith
Finley: Tony Borgus
Reese: Ashley Taylor
Harper: Amanda Kovaleski

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