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Noises Off

Written by Michael Frayn
Directed by Maggie Miller (

Wednesday, September 4th — 7:00-9:00pm
Thursday, September 5th
 — 9:00-11:00pm


Pearson Auditorium
Thursday, November 14th — TBD 
Friday, November 15th
 — TBD 
Saturday, November 16th — TBD

Tickets at the door


Noises Off is a theatrical farce by English playwright Michael Frayn, a play-within-a-play which gets progressively more chaotic as it unfolds. Frenetic and unstable actors, a volatile director, and an overworked and overly emotional stage crew lead to the collapse of the tacky sex comedy they’re putting on entitled Nothing On — a single-set farce in which lovers frolic, doors slam, clothes are tossed away, and embarrassing hi-jinks ensue (including many, many sardines).

The three acts of "Noises Off " expose different phases of the disastrous show, "Nothing On":

  • Act One: On stage during dress rehearsal.

  • Act Two: Backstage during a matinee performance.

  • Act Three: On stage during a delightfully ruined performance.

Production Staff
Cast: TBA

Director: Maggie Miller 

Production Manager: Nat Bauder

Stage Managers: Noah Mummert, Bella Tranchina

Assistant Stage Manager: Charlotte Walder 

Fight & Intimacy Captains: Cassi Daley, Leilani Anupol 

Technical Director: Olivia Disant 

Assistant Technical Directors: Andrew Heim, Caitlyn Winter

Set Designer: Ryan van Hilst 

Carpenters: Open!

Publicity: Erin Muñoz 

Property Managers: Crimson Ervin, Frances Hill 

Lighting Designer: Ben Jordan

Sound Designer: Open!

Costume Designer: Caroline Egan

Hair Designer: Open!

Makeup Designer: Open!

House Designer: Open!

Run Crew: Open!

Dramaturge: Cassi Daley

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