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The One-Act Play That Goes Wrong

Written by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields, & Jonathan Sayer
Directed by Naomi Gayner

Pearson Auditorium

Thursday, November 9th — 7:00 PM
Friday, November 10th — 7:00 PM
Saturday, November 11th — 7:00 PM

Macbeth Midway.jpg
Production Staff

Director - Naomi Gayner
Production Manager - Abigail McGraw
Stage Managers - Noah Mummert & Maggie Miller
Assistant Stage Manager - Kedi Gumus
Technical Director - Abigail McGraw
Assistant Technical Director - Andrea Goodell
Publicity - Gianna Sacca
Properties Managers - Olivia Disant & Gia Joella
Set Designer - Abigail McGraw
Scenic Painter - Ryan van Hilst
Fight Captain - Alexa Daley & Griffin Martinez
Lighting Consultant - Jordanna Garland
Lighting Designer - Ben Jordan & Kelly Ng
Sound Designer - Allison Kosikowski & Gage Klaumenzer
Costume Designers - Ryan van Hilst & Nicole Cozzolino
Assistant Costume Designer - Rosie Walsh
Hair Designer - Crimson Ervin
House Designer - Nicole Cozzolino & Hannah Grube

Annie - Frances Hill
Trevor/US - Nat Bauder
Chris/Inspector Carter - Shomudro Sangeet Gupta
Robert/Thomas Colleymoore - Jacob Lieto
Max/Cecil Haversham - Matthew Guarini
Denise/Perkins - Erin Muñoz
Sandra/Florence Colleymoore - Elizabeth Roth
Jonathan/Charles Haversham - Nolan Keefe
Stage Crew - Àine Horvat
Stage Crew/US - Claire Higgins
Stage Crew/US - Olivia Disant

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