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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sarah Nolt (

Steps of Memorial Hall

Thursday, November 14th — 5:30 PM 
Saturday, November 16th — 1:30 PM & 5:30 PM 

Macbeth Midway.jpg
Production Staff

Director: Sarah Nolt
Production Manager: Jonah Garland
Stage Managers: Olivia Leoniak, Isabella Tranchina
Assistant Stage Manager: Nim Wilcock
Technical Director: Andrew Heim
Assistant Technical Director: Kedi Gumus
Fight Captain: Leilani Anupol
Set Designer: Leilani Anupol
Publicity Coordinator: Gianna Sacca
Publicity: Beth Wojciechowski
Properties Managers: Naomi Gayner, Àine Horvat
Sound Designer: Gage Klaumenzer
Costume Designer: Emma Abrams
Assistant Costume Designer: Graham Balanoff
Hair Designer: Carson McClung
Makeup Designer: Gianna Sacca
House Designer: Nicole Cozzolino, Olivia Disant
Dramaturge: Remy DeJoseph

First Witch/First Murderer/Seyton: Soryn Sundleaf
Second Witch/Second Murderer/Doctor/Messenger: Sarah Kaznowsky
Third Witch/Third Murderer/Gentlewoman: Nicole Cozzolino
Macbeth: Jackson Whitcomb
Lady Macbeth: Lola Sokolskiy
Malcom: Shomudro Gupta
Banquo/Lady Macbeth Understudy: Amy Deo
Malcom/Macbeth Understudy: Nolan Keefe
Duncan/Siward/Malcom Understudy: Christopher Rasquin
Ross/Fleance: Sophia Margiotta
Lennox/Apparition: Olivia Bouvier
Angus/Porter/Apparition: Jacob Whitman
Donalbain/Servant: Beth Wojciechowski
Young Siward/Lacy Macduff/Apparition/Witches Understudy: Becca Price
Macduff's Child/Captain: Tess Brown

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