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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sarah Nolt (

Memorial Hall
Thursday, May 9th — 5:30 PM
Saturday, May
11th — 1:00 PM & 5:30 PM

Free Admission


Set in 1950s American suburbia but performed in the original Shakespearean text, this production of Macbeth offers a unique twist. By sharply contrasting the familiar themes of magic and madness with the polished facade of the “American Dream," this rendition of our favorite Scottish tragedy illustrates the motivations of each character with a discussion of post-WWII American identity, the birth of middle-class suburbia, and the lengths people will go to achieve power.

Macbeth Midway.jpg
Production Staff

Director: Sarah Nolt
Production Manager: Jonah Garland
Stage Managers: Olivia Leoniak, Isabella Tranchina
Assistant Stage Manager: Nim Wilcock
Technical Director: Andrew Heim
Assistant Technical Director: Kedi Gumus
Fight Captain: Leilani Anupol
Set Designer: Leilani Anupol
Publicity Coordinator: Gianna Sacca
Publicity: Beth Wojciechowski

Properties Managers: Naomi Gayner, Àine Horvat
Sound Designer: Gage Klaumenzer
Costume Designer: Emma Abrams
Assistant Costume Designer: Graham Balanoff
Hair Designer: Carson McClung

Makeup Designer: Gianna Sacca
House Designer: Nicole Cozzolino, Olivia Disant
Dramaturge: Remy DeJoseph

First Witch/First Murderer/Seyton: Soryn Sundleaf
Second Witch/Second Murderer/Doctor/Messenger: Sarah Kaznowsky
Third Witch/Third Murderer/Gentlewoman: Nicole Cozzolino
Macbeth: Jackson Whitcomb
Lady Macbeth: Lola Sokolskiy
Malcom: Shomudro Gupta
Banquo/Lady Macbeth Understudy: Amy Deo
Malcom/Macbeth Understudy: 
Nolan Keefe
Duncan/Siward/Malcom Understudy: Christopher Rasquin

Ross/Fleance: Sophia Margiotta
Lennox/Apparition: Olivia Bouvier
Angus/Porter/Apparition: Jacob Whitman
Donalbain/Servant: Beth Wojciechowski
Young Siward/Lacy Macduff/Apparition/Witches Understudy: Becca Price
Macduff's Child/Captain: Tess Brown

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