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The Merchant of Venice

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Hunter Graves

Friday, May 5th 
Saturday, May 6th 
Thursday, May 11th 
Friday, May 12th 
Saturday, May 13th 
Performance Times: 6:00pm


The South Green

Parking is available in the Perkins Garage




Shylock - James DiStefano 
Jessica - Jen Lohrius
Antonio - Silas Wheedleton

Bassiano - Nico Galloway
Gratiano - Paul Tudan
Lorenzo - Kevin Johnson
Gobbo - Stephen Humphrey 
Portia - Corinne McMahon
Nerissa - Samantha Fitzgerald
Solanio - Grace Woodruff
Salarino - Deirdre McCarrick
Princes A & M - Jeff Kappers
Duke - Halim Hamroun

Production Staff

Director - Hunter Graves 
Stage Manager - Emily Mongold 
Assistant Stage Manager 
- Maya Chester Ziv
Production Manager - Melissa Glazar 
Technical Director - Miguel Barajas
Props Master - Zach Hearn
Makeup Artist - Annie Gawroniak
Costumes Designer - Grayson Ziegler
Hair Artist - Anna Smith
​Publicity - Elizabeth Albera


In the Merchant of Venice, Antonio, a merchant, takes a loan from Shylock, a Jewish money-lender whom he has a history of deriding, in order to fund his dear friend Bassanio’s suit of the maid Portia. Portia’s father died and left a will stating that she was to be obtained by a suitor who chose the correct of 3 caskets. Bassanio wins Portia, but Antonio must default on his loan to Shylock. Shylock then attempts to take his agreed upon debt, “a pound of flesh,” but Bassanio fights to secure his friend’s freedom in a court presided over by Portia, in disguise.

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