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The Matchmaker

Written By Thornton Wilder

Directed by Heidi Fliegelman


Wednesday, February 19th, 5-8pm

Friday, February 21st, 5-8pm 

Callbacks by invitation only on Saturday, February 22nd

Auditions & Callbacks will be held in Perkins 310.

Preparation is optional; monologues linked online.

Looking for the audition monologues?? 

HERE THEY ARE! Follow the Link Below!

Click here!


$5 for UD Students (we accept FLEX)
$8 for Public
Tickets are sold at the door. 


Pearson Hall Auditorium 

125 Academy Street 

Newark, Delaware 19717

 Parking Available at Meters

Coming soon!


Thursday, April 30th at 7:30pm

Friday, May 1st at 7:30pm

Saturday, May 2nd at 2:00pm

Saturday, May 2nd at 7:30pm


*please note that some roles may be double cast*

  1. Horace Vandergelder (M)
  2. Cornelius Hackl (M)

  3. Barnaby Tucker (M)

  4. Malachi Stack (any gender)

  5. Ambrose Kemper (M)

  6. Joe Scanlon (any gender, but should be M)

  7. Rudolph (any gender)

  8. August (any gender)

  9. Mrs. Dolly Levi (F)

  10. Miss Flora Van Huysen (F)

  11. Mrs. Irene Molloy (F)

  12. Minnie Fay (F)

  13. Ermengarde (F)

  14. Gertrude (any gender)

  15. Waiters/Musicians (any gender)

  16. Cabman (any gender)

  17. Cook (any gender)

Production Staff

Director: Heidi Fliegelman
Production Manager: Christine Marchesano
Stage Manager: Abby Badro
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Selle
Technical Director: Emily O’Hara
Assistant Technical Directors: Jacob Flenner, Lena Herman, and Gabe White
Publicity Manager: Jennifer Lohrius 
Assistant Publicity Managers: Madisyn Steinberg and Rebecca Hollomon
Costumes Team: Jenna Dorrian, Maddy Thompson, and Maren Wood
Sound Designer: Kyle Cervellino 
Lighting Designer: Connal Daley
Props Manager: Nushi Mazumdar
Assistant Props Manager: Amanda Kovaleski 
Make-Up Designer: Christine Marchesano
Assistant Make-Up Artists: Tina Gomez and Mariel Abano
Hair Designers: Lane Kolukisa and Olivia Whitaker
House Designers: Ashley Taylor and Rachel Milberg
Dramaturge: Riley Calpin 

If you are interested in joining our production staff, let us know! 

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