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SAST Man Standing
Short Attention Span Theatre XVIII

Directors: Jessica Smith, Kyra Melizanis and Michelle Barth, Emily Killian,
Gianna Sacca, and Gabe White

Produced by Avery Houle

Thursday, Sept. 16th  9:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Friday, Sept. 17th        6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Virtual Auditions


   Friday, October 15th  7:30 pm

Saturday, October 16th  7:30 pm

     Performed in Pearson Hall

Audition Monologues

Production Staff

Production Manager: Avery Houle

Director: Jessica Smith

Director: Kyra Melizanis and Michelle Barth

Director: Emily Killian

Director: Gianna Sacca

Director: ​Gabe White

Writer: Jessica Smith

Writer: Ali Kennedy

Writer: Harper Caporale

Writer: Zoe Lipkin

Writer: Gabe White and John Demko

Stage Manager: Annie Hicks

Assistant Stage Manager: Gianna Sacca

Technical Director: 

Publicity: Hannah Grube and Sophia Johnson

Props: Chris Credden

Lighting: Alison Fantom and Evan Lewis

Sound Design: Bansari Patel and Cate Dawson



House Design: Amanda Kovaleski

Shows and Casts:

Such a Scary Tuesday

Written and Directed by: Jessica Smith


Skylar: Jayden Lesko

Kasey: Pat O’Neill

Dyven: Joanna Crisomia

Dana: Kaitlyn Baelis

Sasha: Sharvari Apte

Kai: Abigail Merritt

To Be Left Behind

Written by: Zoe Lipkin

Directed by: Gianna Sacca


Philosopher: John Demko

TikToker: Jayden Lesko

Theatre Kid: Nicole Schwartzberg

“Karen” Elizabeth Dawson 


Written by: Gabe White and John Demko

Directed by: Gabe White


Jolene: Abigail Merritt

Sarah: Harper Caporale 

Eileen: Pat O'Neill

Dick: Amire Collins

Abby: Anna Reynolds


Written by: Ali Kennedy

Directed by: Kyra Melizanis and Michelle Barth


Ash: Gabe White

Tony: Amire Collins

Stephanie: Nicole Schwartzberg

Jess: Frances Hill

Charlie: Jayden Lesko

Stranger: SD Weldin

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!

Written by: Harper Caporale

Directed by: Emily Killian 


Jane: Anna Reynolds

Sam: Priyanka Chaudhuri

Hubert: Pat O’Neill

Sally: Frances Hill

Tina: Kyra Melizanis

Ryan: Eric Brengel

Announcer: John Demko


Every year E-52 Student Theatre hosts a one-act festival called Short Attention Span Theatre, or SAST.  Each show in SAST is student written and is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a production.  Every year SAST has a different (usually punny theme), this year's theme is "SAST Man Standing!"  We're always happy to get people involved in SAST and student theatre, if you're interested please reach out to E-52's President, Jenna Dorrian at or SAST's Producer, Avery Houle at

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