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Suddenly, SAST Summer

Short Attention Span Theatre XVII

Directors: Caroline Berger, Heidi Fliegelman, Rebecca Hollomon, Michael Anderson, Frankie Scapoli, Mackenzie Windsor

Produced by Caroline Berger and Heidi Fliegelman

Monday, September 7th at 9am to
Friday, September 11th at 5pm
Complete the audition form and submit a recording of your audition at:
Performances (Live on Zoom)
Friday, October 23rd at 7:30pm and
Saturday, October 24th at 7:30 pm
Audition Monologues

Monologues can be found here!

SAST XVII Monologues

Production Staff

Production Managers: Caroline Berger and Heidi Fliegelman

Director: Rebecca Hollomon

Director: Heidi Fliegelman

Director: Caroline Berger

Director: Tess Edwards + Mackenzie Windsor

Director: Frankie Scapoli

Director: Michael Anderson

Writer: Nushi Mazumdar

Writer: Heidi Fliegelman

Writer: Caroline Berger

Writer: Tess Edwards + Mackenzie Windsor

Writer: Ari Kantor

Writer: Jules Lowman

Publicity: Melissa Braun & Abby Badro


Shows and Casts:

Jake and Jenna: written by Nushi Mazumdar and directed by Rebecca Holloman

Big News: written and directed by Heidi Fliegelman

The Invitation: written and directed by Caroline Berger

Are We There Yet?: written and directed by Tess Edwards and Mackenzie Windsor

Merely Departed: written by Ari Kantor and directed by Frankie Scapoli

CLUB DANCE!: written by Jules Lowman and directed by Michael Anderson


Every year E-52 Student Theatre hosts a one-act festival called Short Attention Span Theatre, or SAST. Most shows in SAST are student written and is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a production. Every year SAST has a different (usually punny theme), this year's theme is "Suddenly, SAST Summer" because this year, it's all about summer! We're always happy to get people involved in SAST and student theatre, if you're interested please reach out to E-52's President, Jenna Dorrian at or SAST's Producers, Caroline Berger at and Heidi Fliegelman at

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