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Short Attention Span Theatre XVI

Hell SAST No Fury

Directors: Kevin Johnson, Kevin Brown, Amanda Kovaleski, Chris Johnson and Sienna Pyle, Silas Wheedleton, and Ian Riley

Produced by Lena Herman

September 18th 7:30-10:00pm
September 19th 6:30-9:00pm
Held in Perkins 310
No preparation necessary.
Thursday, November 7th at 7:30pm
Friday, November 8th at 7:30pm
Saturday, November 9th at 7:30pm​​

Bacchus Theater

325 Academy Street 

Newark, Delaware 19717

Parking is available in the Perkins Garage.


$5 for UD Students (we accept FLEX)
$8 for Public
Tickets are sold at the door. 


H, E, Double Broomsticks:

Jo: Hayley Kimmel

Stubbs: Amire Collins

Bruce: Ari August

Beelzebub: Ari Kantor


Brady: Michael Anderson

Amber: Rebecca Holloman

Dana: Abby Badro

Cassie/Lucifer: Olivia Quinci

Gwen: Melissa Braun

Karen: Heidi Fliegelman

Matthis: Killian McCray

The Devil Pays Rent:

Paimon: Michael Yacucci

Lilith: Jenny Ziegler

Gabriel: Frank Bercich

Jesus: Riley Calpin

Judas: Veronica Lee

Metatron: Max Pokropski

Josephial: Stephanie Gilston

St. Peter: Shannon Stehle


Terror, Torture, and Torrence:

Terrence: Nehuen Aon Cortassa

Gleebal: Gabe White

Styxia: Jessica Selle

Pontificus: Patrick O'Neill

Purgatory Pranks:

Hellish Angel: Rachel Silver

Angelica: Maddy Thompson

Lorde: Tara Lennon

Lucy: Jenna Dorrian

Stan: Jackson Schade

Chad from the Front Desk: John


Elk's Haven:

Narrator: Rachel Berger​

Kit Walker: Mackenzie Windsor

Joanna Doherty: Madisyn Steinberg

Chase Doherty: Grace Schneider

Enus: Andrew Bochnovich

Seamus: Mikey Malaszczyk

Festus: Patrick O'Neill

Prospector: Brittany Rugg

Shelly: Emily Murphy

Production Staff

Production Manager: Lena Herman

Director: Kevin Johnson

Director: Kevin Brown

Director: Amanda Kovaleski

Director: Chris Johnson and Sienna Pyle

Director: Silas Wheedleton

Director: Ian Riley

Writers: Kevin Brown, Kevin Johnson, Matt McKee, Jessica Selle, Chris Johnson, Heidi Fliegelman

Stage Manager: Sydney Giusto

Stage Manager: Lucy Davies

Stage Manager: Emily Murphy

Technical Supervisor: Gabe White

Tech Director: Emily O’Hara

Tech Director: TBD

Publicity Coordinators: Heidi Fliegelman, Jen Lohrius

House Manager: Jessica Selle

Properties: Sydney Giusto

Light Designers: Jake Screen and Luciana Vernola

Sound Designer: Kyle Cervellino

Costumes Supervisor: TBD

Assist. Costumes: Lucy Davies

Hair: TBD

Makeup: Christine Marchesano



Every year E-52 Student Theatre hosts a one-act festival called Short Attention Span Theatre, or SAST. Most shows in SAST are student written and is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a production. Every year SAST has a different (usually punny theme), this year's theme is "Hell SAST No Fury" in reference to "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned." We're always happy to get people involved in SAST and student theatre, if you have any interest please reach out to E-52's President, Jennifer Lohrius at or SAST's Producer, Lena Herman at

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