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SAST XIV: Love & Disaster

Produced by Melissa Glazar
Directed by Kyle Moore, Jeremy Buchsbaum, Paul Tudan, Grayson Ziegler, and Patrick O'Beirne

Thursday, November 2nd at 7:30pm

Friday, November 3rd at 7:30pm

Saturday, November 4th at 7:30pm


Bacchus Theatre

325 Academy Street 

Newark, Delaware 19717

Parking is available in the garage.


$3 for UD Students (we accept FLEX)
$5 for Public
Tickets are sold at the door. 


The Fraud Couple

Written and Directed by Kyle Moore

Luke: Nehuen Aon Cortussa
Dylan: Halim Hamroun
Kelsey: Ari August
Candice: Amanda Lashenick
Gabe: Jake Steltz

The Bloomsberg Brothers

Directed by Jeremy Buchsbaum

Written by Jessica Selle

Theo: Mark McGuire
Lenny: Brad Leifheit
Mitch: Silas Wheedleton
Christine: Olivia Quinci
Adam: Halim Hamroun

Bad Beehavior

Directed by Paul Tudan
Written by Nina Groom

Veronica: Raygan Boyd
Shelby: Brooke Feuerman
Bernadette: Maddie Hayes
Sebastian: Jeff Kappers
Tony: Joy Kitson
Dudley: Robby Hanna
Queen: Siggi Schorr

I Don't Mind That You're Ugly

Directed by Grayson Ziegler

Clyde: Kevin Johnson
Kira: Molly Warndorf
Marjorie: Lauren Williams
Gretchen: Lauren Goldenberg
Chip: Robby Hanna
Manny: Dominic Gallo
Chef Scarpaccio: Liz Albera
Alexandra: Rachel Silver
Grammy Josephine: Abby Lamdan

Small Talk

Directed by Patrick O'Beirne

Written by Madeline Stabler-Buiano

(winner of script-writing competition)

Sara: Caitlin Rulli
David: Brad Leifheit
Haley: Anna O’Brien

Production Staff

Directors - Kyle Moore, Jeremy Buchsbaum, Paul Tudan, Grayson Ziegler, and Patrick O'Beirne
Stage Manager - Nicole Ferry

Assistant Stage Manager - TBD

Assistant Stage Manager - TBD
Production Manager - Melissa Glazar
Technical Director - Miguel Barajas
Assistant Technical Director - TBD

Assistant Technical Director - TBD
Properties Master - Halim Hamroun
Costume Designer - Emily Mongold

Assistant Costumer - TBD
Hair Artist - TBD
Make-up Artist - TBD
House Manager - TBD
Lighting Designer - TBD
Sound Designer - Mike Mizikar

Assistant Sound Designer - Sarah Malanka
Publicity Design - Nina Groom

Publicity Distribution - Rachel Millberg


If you are interested in any of the open positions, please email Melissa Glazar at

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