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Famous SAST Words

Produced by Ryan van Hilst (

AUDITIONS: Perkins 310
Thursday, September 19th, 9:00 – 10:30 PM
Friday, September 20t
h, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

SHOWS: Bacchus Theater
Friday, October 11th 
Saturday, October 12t

Tickets at the door


Short Attention Span Theater (SAST) is E-52's annual student written one-act festival. This year's theme is "Famous SAST Words". Writers might create epilogues for well-known theatrical productions, reimagine famous myths, or take a comedic approach to real famous last words.

Shows: TBA!

Famous S.A.S.T.Words.jpg

Writers: Cassi Daley, Carley Sanders, Gage Klaumenzer, Tori Kimball, Abby Culling

Directors: Olivia Disant, Claire Higgins, Sarah Kaznowsky, Tori Kimball, Abby Culling

Production Staff
Cast: TBA!

Production Manager: Ryan van Hilst
Stage Manager: Frances Hill
Assistant Stage Managers: Caroline Egan, Allison Kosikowski
Technical Director: Andrew Heim
Set Designer: Open!
Publicity: Ashley Freundlich, Noah Mummert
Properties Managers: Bella Tranchina
Lighting Designer: Kelly Ng
Sound Designer: Open!
Costume Designers: Erin Muñoz
Hair Designer: Open!
Makeup Designer: Open!
House Designer: Nicole Cozzolino

Interested in an open position OR want to join a team? 
Contact our production coordinator,

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