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Full List of Our Performances for 100 Years

Spring 2023

Fall 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

  • Hamlet - by William Shakespeare

  • Skywalker - by Eric Brengel and Adam Wang

Winter 2021

Fall 2020

Spring 2020

Fall 2019

Spring 2019

Fall 2018

  • SAST XV: The SAST of Us - produced by Patrick O'Beirne

  • A Doll's House - by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Thornton Wilder

  • 1984 - by George Orwell, adapted by Robert Owens, William E. Hall Jr, and William A. Miles Jr.


Spring 2018

  • Suicide, Incorporatedby Andrew Hinderaker

  • 24 Hours of Theatreproduced by Lauren Williams 

  • The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder

Fall 2017


Spring 2017

Fall 2016

  • Much Ado About Nothing -  by William Shakespeare

  • 100 Lunches: A Gourmet Comedy - by Jack Sharkey

  • Short Attention Span Theatre XIII 


Spring 2016

  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - music and lyrics by Michael Friedman

  • The Glass Menagerie - by Tennessee Williams

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - by William Shakespeare

  • 24 Hour Theatre - Spinalzo's First Day student written by Kyle Moore and Robert Webber; Hardway Home student written by Kristen Todd; Como Ca Va alumni written by Robert Hann and John Young

Fall 2015

  • The Library - by Scott Z. Burns​

  • SAST XII: SAST Midnight Janette and The Real Love - student written by Kris Todd; The Little Death - by Peter M. Floyd; Soap Opera - David Ives; You Got Me in a Mess of Trouble Again - student written by Ian Bruce; The Trouble With Spinalzo - student written by Nicholas Forte; Check Please: Take 2 - by Jonathan Rand; What Happens Behind the Bar - by Nick Zagone; Desperate Measures - student written by Kyle Moore

  • Almost, Maine - by John Cariani

Spring 2015

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - by Dale Wasserman

  • 12 Angry Jurors - by Reginald Rose, adapted for the stage by Sherman L. Sergel

  • The Taming of the Shrew - by William Shakespeare


Fall 2014

  • Stop Kiss - by Diana Son

  • Short Attention Span Theatre XI: The Usual SASTpects - The Great American Family Camping Trip - student written by Kirsten "Sparky" Haden; Nobody Famous - by D.M. Larson; You Forgot, Remember? - student written by Blair Schuman; Moments - by Bruce Kane; Extra Pulp - student written by John Lewis Young

  • Pride and Prejudice - adapted by Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan, based on the novel by Jane Austen


Spring 2014

  • Bob: A Life in Five Acts - by Peter Sinn Zachtrieb

  • Measure for Measure - by William Shakespeare

  • The Importance of Being Earnest - by Oscar Wilde


Fall 2013

  • End Days - by Deborah Zoe Laufer

  • Short Attention Span Theatre X: SAST from the PAST The Bless You Complex - student written by Juli Beck; Who Stole the Cookies? - student written by Jeff Rosenthal; Emotional Baggage - written by Nina Shengold; Hitting on Women 101 - by Bruce Kane; The Cask of Amontillado - adapted by Robert Mason - based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe; Cheater, Cheater - student written by Jason Hewett

  • A Streetcar Named Desire - by Tennessee Williams


Spring 2013

  • As You Like It - by William Shakespeare

  • The Recruiting Officer - by George Farquar

  • Beyond Therapy - by Christopher Durang


Fall 2012

  • Dracula - by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston

  • Avenue Q, The Musical! - by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx

  • Short Attention Span Theatre IX: Life in the SAST Lane! The Chest of Deceit - student written by Nicholas Mielnikiewicz; Overtones - by Alice Gerstenberg; The Devil Inside Us All - story by Vincent Graci, student written by Dan Bleeker; Our Pop Culture - student written by Matthew Dec


Spring 2012

  • Much Ado About Nothing - by William Shakespeare

  • The Phantom of the Opera - music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Charles Hart, additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe

  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged!) - by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, & Jess Winfield


Fall 2011

  • Twelfth Night - by William Shakespeare

  • Short Attention Span Theatre VIII: SAST Night Live! What's That You Say? - student written by Brian Tighe; Hebe's Children - student written by Camie Turner; Check, Please - student written by Becky Marshall; What's the Hold Up? - student written by Kurt Meusel; Turtles on Steroids - by Dan Bleeker

  • The Mousetrap - by Agatha Christie


Spring 2011

  • Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead - by Bert V. Royal

  • Harold P. Truthington Presents the Absolute Truth of Robin Hood aka Rob Hat Guy - by Ian McWethy

  • Macbeth - by William Shakespeare

  • Noises Off! - by Michael Frayn


Fall 2010

  • Arsenic & Old Lace - by Joseph Kesselring

  • Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe - by Eric Coble

  • Short Attention Span Theatre VII: Lucky Number SAST The Charmed Life - by Mark Levine & Michael Shapiro; For the Sake of Argument - student written by Kurt Meusel; A Matter of Husbands - by Ferenc Molnar; Hitting on Women 101 - by Bruce Kane; Motherly Instinct - student written by Callie Eros; Improbability - by Ben Walker; On the Fine Art of Getting the Milk for Free - student written by Kurt Meusel


Spring 2010

  • The Spectre Bridegroom - by Christopher Cartmill

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - by William Shakespeare


Fall 2009

  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - by Tom Stoppard

  • Short Attention Span Theatre VI: The Circus SASTacular - Enter the Circus - student written by Anthony Stanziale; Superman - student written by Tracy Howard; The Bear - by Anton Chekhov; The Last Touchy-Feely Drama on American Stage - by Lee Howard & Greg Gamble; The Angel Intrudes - student written by Zoe Read


Spring 2009

  • Alice in Wonderland - based on the novel by Lewis Caroll, adapted by Michele L. Vacca

  • Baby Talk - by Billy St. John


Winter 2009

  • The Last Five Years - by Jason Robert Brown


Fall 2008

  • The Who's Tommy - by Pete Townshend & Des McAnuff 

  • Wholesale Candidate - by David Kongsvedt

  • Short Attention Span Theatre V: Harder, Better, SASTer, Stonger - Entertainment for Caesar - student written by Kaci Gravatt; Dungeons and Dragons: Satan's Game - by The Dead Ale Wives Club; Of Love and Toast - student written by Ned Redmond; Sganarelle - by Molière; Deliver Us Not - by Lee Howard & Greg Gamble


Spring 2008

  • An Ideal Husband - by Oscar Wilde

  • The Parrot and the Bear - by Andrew Parrish

  • Bare - by Jon Hartmere & Damon Intrabartolo


Fall 2007

  • Brigadoon - by Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe

  • The Weir - by Conor McPhearson

  • Short Attention Span Theatre IV: Can't Get No SASTisfaction - The Groomsmen - student written by Kaitlin Valli; A Defenseless Creature - by Neil Simon; Ditzies - by Deborah Karczewski; Captain Exposition - by David J. LeMaster; The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From - by Christopher Durang; Employees Must Wash Hands - by Jessica Beasley


Spring 2007

  • Short Attention Span Theatre III: That's a Fine Piece of SAST - Medea - by Christopher Durang; Welcome to the Family - by Alicia Hoisington; Sure Thing - by David Ives; Men!!! - student written by Lee McCormick; Check, Please 2 - by Jonathan Rand; Self-Written Comedy - student written by Jeff Kowalczyk

  • Performance Anxiety, featuring 'Denity Crisis and Beyond Therapy - by Christopher Durang

  • Aristophanes' Lysistrata: A Woman's Translation: A Comedy in Verse - by Drue Robinson Hagan


Fall 2006

  • No Exit - by Jean-Paul Sartre

  • Bash: Latterday Plays - by Neil LaBute

  • You Can't Take it With You - by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman


Spring 2006

  • Short Attention Span Theatre II - Benchseat - by Neal LaBute ; Summer Dreams - by Jesse Abrahams; The Philadelphia - by David Ives; Fell off the Earth - by Rob Kleiner; Mountain - by Cindy Cooper; Sentences and Words - by Cindy Cooper; Cindy and Julie - by Bruce Kane; This Phone Will Explode at the Tone; Papertrail - An improvisational piece directed by Jeff Kowalczyk

  • Popcorn - by Ben Elton

  • Pearson Palooza - Dichotomy - student written by "Sandi" Jessica Chauvin; The Goat or Who is Sylvia - by Edward Albee; Bus Stop - by William Inge

  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch - by John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask


Fall 2005

  • Into the Woods - by Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine


Spring 2005

  • Short Attention Span Theatre - Sorry Wrong Number - by Lucille Fletcher; The Game - by Dennis E. Noble; It's Not You - by Craig Pospisil; Present Tense - by John McNamara; 4 am and The Day - student written by Sandi Chauvin

  • Ice House - by Darrell Louder

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