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By William Shakespeare

Directed by Ashley Taylor

Monday, January 25th to
Saturday, January 30th at 5pm
Monday, February 1st to 
Saturday, February 6th
Audition Form

Complete the audition form and submit a recording of your audition here:

Hamlet Audition Form

Audition Monologues

There are six monologues to choose from, and you can ignore the character's gender (as roles can be genderbent)


Check them out here:

Audition Monologues

Shakespeare 101
Struggling with Shakespeare? 
No Fear, Ashley's Here! 
Ashley prepared a short video to walk you through the basics, and you can watch it here:
Getting to know the Bard

Ashley's Introductory Letter

Ashley provided a short, informational letter to explain how the show will work and what everyone can look forward to!

Check it out here:

Hey Hamlet Fans!

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