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Q: If I audition, do I have to be there at the start time?
A: Nope, for each show you may come at any time during the time slot on either of the audition days. 

Q: What is the audition process?
A: There will be either monologues or cold readings from the script available outside the audition room. You choose one or two to perform in front of the casting panel. For Assassins, prepare a song that will showcase your vocal abilities (one that fits the style of the show is best). The casting panel may also ask you to do a fun and quick improvisational exercise during your audition. If you want to showcase anything (your own monologue or special acting talent), you're more than welcome to as well, but it's not expected!

Q: Who is on the casting panel?
A: FUN and WELCOMING people :) Casting panels are made up of the show's rehearsal staff, which is typically the director and the stage manager.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to the audition?
A: On the audition sheet, we will ask for your night/weekend availability, so be prepared with that information. For the actual audition, you do not have to prepare or bring anything.  Please note that if you are auditioning for a musical, most directors would like you to have a portion of a song prepared.

Q: What does combined auditions mean?
A: Some of our shows do have combined auditions. That means if you want to audition for both of these shows, you can conveniently do that at the same time! You would pick cold readings from each show and have the opportunity to perform one right after the other for the panel. You may also let us know if you have a show preference. If you only want to audition for one of these shows, you may do that, as each show will have a separate audition sheet. It's up to you!

Q: What if I don't have that much theatre experience?
A: That's perfectly fine! Some of our members have done theatre all throughout high school, and some have started theatre in college and audition on a whim. It really depends on the show and what role fits your talents, but there is no requirement or standard to audition for any E-52 show.

Q: What if I'm auditioning but also want to get involved with tech for the show?
A: Even better! Write that down on your audition sheet and we'll definitely get you involved, or you can just email the director beforehand.

Q: When, where, and how frequently are rehearsals typically scheduled?
A: It depends on the show, but on average expect to rehearse 3x/week in our rehearsal room: Perkins Room 310. Rehearsals are typically scheduled after 5pm during the week and at anytime during the weekend, but rehearsals may be scheduled any time the cast and rehearsal staff is available. In short, if you have a night class or a job or are involved with other groups, that's A-okay, just be prepared to write down your availability on your audition sheet so we can schedule rehearsal times that you would be able to attend.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Email E-52 President, Jen Lohrius, at, and she'd be happy to assist!

Frequently Asked Questions
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