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Fantasy Jamboree

By: Jessica Smith, Harper Caporale, and Joshua Whitehead

Directed by Jessica Smith & Harper Caporale

More Information to come! Stay tuned <3 

Fantasy Jamboree

Shows by: Harper Caporale and Josh Whitehead

Music by: Josh Whitehead and Kara Kimos

Directed by: Harper Caporale


Monday, February 20th @ 6:00 - 8:00 PM in Perkins 310
Wednesday, February 20th @ 7:00
- 9:00 PM in Perkins 310
If you can not make these times, online auditions are available

Audition Monologues

Please check out the audition monologues here!

Saturday, May 6th @ 2:00 PM  & 7:30 PM
Sunday, May 7th @ 7:30 PM

All performances in Trabant Theater, located in the Trabant Student Center

Admission: TBD
Fantasy Jam Auditions.jpg

Contact the Director

If you need to contact the director, please email them @
Production Staff

Director - Harper Caporale
Production Manager - Annie Hicks
Stage Manager - Ava West
Assistant Stage Manager
 - Jordanna Garland
Technical Director - Alenoush Davis

Musical Directors - Kara Kimos, Noah Mummert
Dance Choreographer - Naomi Gayner
Publicity - Abigail McGraw
Properties Manager - Olivia Disant, Kedi Gumus
Sound Designer - Annie Hicks, Alenoush Davis
Costume Designer - Ryan Van Hilst, Noah Mummert, Natalie Bauder

Hair Designer - Megan Englert
Makeup Designer - Annie Hicks
House Designer - Jacob McCleary, Amy Deo
Cast List

The Search for the Peculiar Space Outlaw:
Captain Nova - Olivia Disant
Astrid - Nicole Cozzolino
Elara - Erin Muñoz

Cosmo - Gabriel Fennemore
Widget -Olivia Leonak

The Legendary Tales of a Traveling Bard:
Edward/The Traveling Bard - Tess Edwards
Ragnar/Hedwig - Remus Theur
Archie/Agnes - Avery Houle
Dina, the Tavern Wench - Morgan Harris
Dragon - Emma Hinz
Swordsman - Griffin Martinez
Knight - Hannah Grube
Princess - Erin Muñoz

The Adventures of the Magnificent Brian:
Brian - Gabriel Fennemore
Princess Giselle - Olivia Disant
Wizard/Narrator - Ryan Wolynetz
Ella - Alexa Daley
Asmodeus - Avery Houle
Ghost/Frederick - Kedi Gumus

The Sniffles Apocalypse:
Adeline - Nicole Cozzolino
Robin Finch - Remus Theur
Dove - Morgan Harris
Jay - Kedi Gumus
Wren - Olivia Leonak
Lead Zombie - Griffin Martinez
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