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Short Attention Span Theatre XX

Directors: Jayden Lesko, Amy Deo, Gage Klaumenzer
, Lauren Fogle, Madison Ervin, Sarah Nolt

Produced by Gianna Sacca

Thursday, September 21st 6:30-8pm
Friday, September 22nd from 6:30-8pm
Both held in Perkins 310!

Audition Monologues



   Friday, October 13th

Saturday, October 14th

Performed in Bacchus Theater

Production Staff

Production Manager: Gianna Sacca

Directors: Jayden Lesko, Amy Deo, Gage Klaumenzer, Lauren Fogle, Madison Ervin, Sarah Nolt

Writers: Ryan van Hilst, Abigail McGraw, Gage Klaumenzer, Kedi Gumus & Olivia Disant, Madison Ervin, Sarah Nolt

Stage Manager: Jacob Lieto

Assistant Stage Manager: Nicole Cozzolino

Technical Director: Jacob McCleary

Publicity: Lauren Fogle

Props: TBD

Lighting: Jacob McCleary

Sound Design: Allison Kosikowski

Costumes: Elizabeth Roth

Hair: Naomi Gayner

Makeup: TBD

House Design: Noah Mummert

Shows and Casts:








Every year E-52 Student Theatre hosts a one-act festival called Short Attention Span Theatre, or SAST.  Each show in SAST is student written and is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a production.  Every year SAST has a different (usually punny theme), this year's theme is "Back to the SAST!"  We're always happy to get people involved in SAST and student theatre. If you're interested, please reach out to E-52's President & SAST's Producer, Gianna Sacca at

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