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Short Attention Span Theatre XX

Directors: Sarah Nolt, Amy Deo, Lauren Fogle, Crimson Ervin, Gage Klaumenzer 

Produced by Gianna Sacca


   Friday, October 13th 7:00 PM

Saturday, October 14th 7:00 PM

Performed in Bacchus Theater


Every year E-52 Student Theatre hosts a one-act festival called Short Attention Span Theatre, or SAST.  Each show in SAST is student written and is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a production.  Every year SAST has a different (usually punny theme), this year's theme is "Back to the SAST!"  We're always happy to get people involved in SAST and student theatre. If you're interested, please reach out to E-52's President & SAST's Producer, Gianna Sacca at

Production Staff

Production Manager: Gianna Sacca

Directors: Amy Deo, Crimson Ervin, Lauren Fogle, Gage Klaumenzer, Sarah Nolt

Writers: Abigail McGraw, Crimson Ervin, Kedi Gumus & Olivia Disant, Gage Klaumenzer, Ryan van Hilst

Stage Manager: Jacob Lieto

Assistant Stage Manager: Nicole Cozzolino

Technical Director: Olivia Leoniak

Publicity: Lauren Fogle

Props: Sarah Nolt & Becca Mello

Lighting: Kelly Ng

Sound Design: Sydney Holland & Allison Kosikowski 

Costumes: Elizabeth Roth

Hair: Naomi Gayner

Makeup: Olivia Disant

House Design: Abigail McGraw

Shows and Casts:

You want 2 know

Gage Klaumenzer

Danny: Patrick Williams

Melody: Jessica Brady

Leo: Kedi Gumus

Isaac: Christopher Rasquin

SAST Team 6

Narrator: Alexa Daley
rice: Trinity Hunt
Mr. Spinalzo: Griffin Martinez
Phantom: Gabriel Fennemore
Little Red: Cassi Daley

You Belong With Me

Crimson Ervin

Zoe: Hannah Grube
Kyle: Bradford Morgan
Tiffany: Alyssa Mulhall

The Trial of the Plastics

Lauren Fogle

Judge Moody: Esther Benitez
Elle: Tori Kimball
Vivian: Cassi Daley
Cady: Gabriel Fennemore
Regina: Avery Bell
Gretchen: Abby Culling
Karen: Hailey Morath

The Bonfire

Sarah Nolt

Spinalzo: Jimmart Amamio
Abby: Olivia Leoniak
Martha: Olivia Disant
Morty: Ryan Wolynetz
Elaine: Jessica Brady
Herman: Abi Wilcock
John: Patrick Williams
Storyteller: Hannah Grube
Storyteller: Hailey Morath

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